US reiterates Senkaku-Diaoyu Island dispute position

clintonTo file under “cooler heads”.

Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton, looking smart in (new?) glasses after her stay in the hospital, reiterates the American position on the East China Sea island dispute. Basically, the US offers understated support for the Japanese position.

“Although the United States does not take a position on the ultimate sovereignty of the islands, we acknowledge they are under the administration of Japan,” said Clinton. “And we oppose any unilateral actions that would seek to undermine Japanese administration. And we urge all parties to take steps to prevent incidents and manage disagreements through peaceful means.”

From the transcript:  With regard to regional security, I reiterated longstanding American policy on the Senkaku Islands and our treaty obligations.

Calm is a them with Japan too.

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida:

“While Japan will not concede and will uphold our fundamental position that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent territory of Japan, we intend to respond calmly so as not to provoke China,” he said.

Also from the transcript:

I conveyed to Secretary Clinton that Japan very much values the commitment shown by the United States over the Senkaku Islands based on the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the commitment that the United States will go against any unilateral action that will infringe upon the administration rights of Japan.

Now, over to China. What calm things will they say?

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