Science fiction from Cixin Liu, Chinese civilization, democracy and the future

If democracy is to become durable again in the 21st Century, its citizens will need some set of ideals to work towards. The work of Chinese sci-fi author Cixin Liu is rich with the sense of civilization and purpose that is lacking in the culture in open democracies today.

The take-away from the PRC trolling of Australia on Twitter

The takeaway is this:  “Nations that can’t effectively tell their own story risk having it told by another country” – that’s a conclusion by Jed Willard, global engagement director at Harvard’s FDR Foundation.

Australia’s story is not about one specific unfavourable news item related to alleged war crimes but about the much bigger, recurring themes of the rule of law, sovereignty, and trade fairness. These are the focal points of Australia’s story in regard to the Chinese Communist Party.

More detail in my story.

A little more background on the trolling, here.

China needles Australia on social media

China has lashed Australia on Twitter

A lower level Chinese Communist Party spokesman is helping to distort a discussion about Australian news on global social media. What has the CCP learned about antagonizing democracies from their post-revolutionary friends linked to the Kremlin?