Freedom of Press Foundation ‘strongly opposes’ any US gov’t persecution of WikiLeaks

…So apparently concludes their December 9 email to radical transparency group Wikileaks.

“We continue to strongly oppose any prosecution attempts by the US government for WikiLeaks’s publishing activities,” according to an email reportedly from FPF director Trevor Timm released by WikiLeaks.

OK. So why pull support for WikiLeaks now?


After helping Wikileaks received funding from Americans for years, what has changed?

Assange in a lengthy letter provides some needed background – and, ahem, transparency – on the history of the organisation, which he says was created by himself and cyberspace-godfather John Perry Barlow to “protect WikiLeaks and its donors from politically induced financial censorship.”

FPF says the reason for dropping WikiLeaks is that “the financial blockade by the major payment processors is no longer in effect.”

Will be interesting to know if there are other reasons. Assange states that he didn’t know of FPF’s plans until a November 2017 Daily Beast story revealed the plan.

One to watch.



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