Negaganda, the new propaganda

Image of PiL playing ‘Theme’. Very negative stuff.

When does a healthy scepticism for power turn into a corrosive cynicism about a political system?

The answer to that question says a lot about the state of Western democracies today as they grapple with economic, security and social challenges of the 21st Century.

The answer also says a lot about the state of propaganda that seeks to portray the entire liberal democratic model as unfit to confront the challenges of the modern world.

This propaganda, often Russian, is shaping the global discussion about democracy, politics, terrorism and inequality, even in places like Australia, where such themes are echoed by people like One Nation’s Pauline Hanson.

This propaganda doesn’t propagate or promote anything – certainly not a positive future vision like in the days of communism.

Instead, it aims to sow division, negativity and confusion. Maybe it shouldn’t be called propaganda but ‘negaganda’.

More on this issue can be found in this story for Fairfax Media.

And for negative atmospherics, click on video below.

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