Techno-libertarians: a weak link in democracy’s defense against authoritarians

At the same time Apple bowed to China, Russia banned encryption apps and anonymising tools for its people.

But not before Edward Snowden banged the drum for years about the issue of government intrusions into our privacy in cyberspace. High and mighty, indeed.

Here is where it gets really diabolical and 21st Century.

In Russia’s hands Snowden’s cause has, in the West, helped drive a wedge between the tech community and the broader government, between the governments and the publics, and between the US and allies such as Australia.

Unwittingly, the tech community has become a conduit for such division.

As a former East German Stasi colonel explained in how to use information to attack an enemy: “A powerful adversary can only be defeated through […] a sophisticated, methodical, careful, and shrewd effort to exploit even the smallest ‘cracks’ between our enemies […] and within their elites.”

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