DCLeaks posts George Soros’ Open Society Foundations documents

Documents from the Open Society Foundations, a pro-democracy organisation backed by billionaire hedge fund owner George Soros, have been hacked and published in the latest effort to undermine Democratic Party and its candidate during the US presidential election.

The leak, through the little known site, DC Leaks, has garnered attention weeks after hacked documents forced the resignation of officials from the Democratic Party on the eve of the Democratic National Convention when Hillary Clinton was nominated to be party’s presidential candidate.


This latest disclosure, reported by RiskBased Security, appear to be an attempt to embarrass a major Democratic Party funder Soros, who has also been a vocal proponent of democracy in Eastern Europe since the fall of the end of Communism in Russia.

It would also add to the climate of suspicion and conspiracy being cultivated around the Democratic Party and Clinton ahead of the November presidential vote.

DNC Leak’s site carries a cartoonish description of Hungary-born Soros, who made his fortune placing speculative bets on commodities and currency moves: “Soros is named as the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years,” the site says, of the man ranked 28th richest in the world.

(Not true).

“Thanks to him and his puppets USA is thought to be a vampire, not a lighthouse of freedom and democracy.”

(That would be “The USA”).

“His slaves spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him even more rich.”

The description of Soros echoes views espoused by Russian media outlets and pro-Kremlin partisans who consider the pro-democracy activities of the OSF to threaten the stability of Russia’s leadership. In recent years, Russia has banned foreign NGOs like those backed by the OSF as “undesirable” sparking an outcry from Western governments.

The site also claims be the work of “American hactivists”. I have no doubt foreign groups could find Americans who would be duped into working on this kind of thing. Such is the hunger for meaning among many Americans these days.

But as the Smoking Gun points out, there are some odd phrasings on the site.

Hillary Clinton is identified as “the most probable candidate for the President of the Democratic Party,” while a collection of campaign newsclips is described as “media reports from Hillary Clinton’s electional staff.”

As more light is shined on the DC Leaks, the hacker behind the DNC Leaks – himself thought to be linked to Russian intelligence services – has published another round of Democratic Party documents. One of Guccifer 2.0s first batches, distributed by WikiLeaks, was the data dump that occurred before Democratic National Committee.

American counterintelligence experts, as well as politicians, fear Russia is trying to influence in the US election, through hacking, data dumps such as the DNC Leaks and the DC Leak, as well as Republican candidate Donald Trump, who is seen as linked to Russia in a variety of ways.

US private sector security company ThreatConnect believes the DNC Leaks comprise another part of a Russian campaign to sway voters in the US.

The Guccifer 2.0 “denial and deception campaign” evolved into a so-called “active measures campaign” which Russia uses in an effort to influence events in foreign countries.

DCLeaks provides Russia with another platform that they can use to hide their hand and conduct influence operations in the US. Such operations may ultimately help Russia sway public opinion or media coverage in a way that benefits Moscow,” the company notes.

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6 thoughts on “DCLeaks posts George Soros’ Open Society Foundations documents

  1. Hey Chris, (not CNN fake) news flash, the DNC IT guru was killed in a “mugging” where nothing was stolen just days before the wikileaks release.

    So now that the Russians have abandoned Marxism, the left thinks there’s a Ruskie lurking under every bed? Where the hell were you and other supposed “journalists” when Teddy Kennedy was cozying up to the same commies that John held at bay?

    Hmmmm? Interesting. So now in their rampant paranoia and egregious hypocrisy (how many free elections has the USA tipped? Ever hear the term Banana Republic? OMFG) or how’s about Sen Joseph McCarthy and his crusade against Russian infiltration of a degenerate regime (that would be Dear Leader3 AKA Frankie the (charlatan) cripple) reaching up to the top of the State Department, they’re absolutely determined they must have their scapegoat because not only could they do no wrong, but how could an SJW have enough conscience to be a whistleblower? Hmmmmm…maybe the deceased was also a Russian? ROFLMAO

    The hell you say, a State Department headed by someone who was compromised by blackmail, bribery and flattery…no coincidence there huh? Saudi prince donates 1/4 of HRC’s campaign funds and that ISN’T meddling in an election by a foreign government? How’s about the Uranium grab, BLM (not Soros’ BLM) standoff and ROSATOM? Really, WTF ?!?!?!

    Assange has repeated said over and over it was an inside job. Comey and (Fox I need to believe in conspiracies) Muller slant to the left. Muller’s objectivity could be certainly called into question as being compromised because of his wife’s political career and connection to HRC.

    Yet DESPITE a friendly DOJ (remember Slick Willie meeting with Loretta Lynch to “talk about their grandkids” minus Secret Service) and FBI, see above paragraph…the DNC did NOT allow FBI forensics to thoroughly examine their servers.

    There was a RED SCARE and where did it get us? Seriously, if you think the DNC is that vulnerable to intrigue from former commies then you may wanna donate to the RNC.

    You want people to take you seriously and yet even Mika Brzezinski calls out the Clintons for hypocrisy? Going back to the DNC IT guru, if the root cause REALLY was Russian interference then why not blame his death on the FSB?

    They could have made that patriot into a martyr. But they didn’t, did they Chris? So ask ask yourself (if you dare) why did the DNC IT guy wind up dead (in a similar fashion to all those other Clinton killings (like suicide whilst packing a bugout bag), huh? And why did that piece of “journalism” suddenly disappear as quickly as it was reported?

    How come (Fox I need to believe in conspiracies) Muller or his boss seemed to REFUSE to investigate that dubious “gunshot to the head” at the apex of the most contentious election year in living history?

    Ya sure, you’ll answer that one when we finally see the unredacted JFK or Benghazi (weapons smuggling by a blacked out entity) files).

    So to beat a dead horse (not HRC or Wasserman LOL) why is someone who is “supposedly” neutral being a “Russian under every bed” shill when the facts suggest otherwise? The facts say HRC is convictable and yet the facts do NOT say President Trump is.


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