DNCLeaks justified because, well, I can’t vote in US: Julian Assange

Anderson Cooper’s expression says it all.

In fact, I’ve included a screen shot of the CNN host’s face as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said publishing the Democratic National Committee’s email was justified because he was an Australian and Australia is a close ally of the US, but Australians don’t get to vote (in US elections.)

Anyway, the transcript is below as well as the link to the exchange: The fun starts at the 13 minute mark.


Anderson Cooper: To Americans watching this now who agree with the US government or who are angry that you published this information right before the Democratic National Convention, what is your argument? What do you say to them – That they feel you are interfering with the US election?

Julian Assange: I think that’s a fair question…We are funded by the public. We have a number of Americans who work for our organisation. Most of our readers and most of our donors in the public are in the United States so we have a connection to the United states. Personally, do I have a connection to the United States? Yes, of course because as an Australian, Australia is in the US alliance in a very significant manner but Australians don’t get a chance to vote.

Anderson Cooper: So it’s still the question of anger that you’re interfering in the US election, you say… that your readers are American and so therefore it’s okay?

Julian Assange: Well, it’s what our readers demand. It is also our basic principles that the publication of the true information and that’s an important qualifier. True information about modern human institutions allows us to understand what they’re doing and therefore to reform them. If we don’t understand what our institution are doing we have no hope to reform them whatsoever.

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