A Google AI ban: Who in the world would it benefit?

…I’m going to guess, China.

While such an intented move by Google employees highlights the strength of liberal freedoms and aspirations, it also underscores the historical ignorance of Silicon Valley idealists. Silicon Valley would not have existed without wartime competition, which spawned cybernetics. Cybernetic has been the basis for Silicon Valley’s growth.

gloogleWhether the signers of the petition want to believe it or not – increasingly, they’re living in a China challenged tech-world. AI is of course new and risky technology. But having Google adhere to a non-development pact while the rest of the world develops the technology appears foolhardy at best. It highlights the disconnect between the tech world and the real world, seen so clearly in Facebook’s meta-troubles.

The document reportedly drafted by Google employees asking the company not to pursue AI.

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