Russo-Islamic pact: Russia’s long game with Donald Trump

This Bloomberg article on occultist ideologist Alexander Dugin is the first place I’ve seen mention of a “Russo-Islamic” pact. It seems an important concept, especially in a time when Donald Trump appears bent on increasing tensions with the broader Islamic world.

What is notable at this point, of course, is the language Trump is using in public, compared to the language the Russians are using.

If Trump is going hard on Islam, why is Putin – his security partner – going easy?

After attacking Obama for not uttering the magic words, “radical Islamic terrorism”, Trump and his surrogates are using the term, equating Muslims with terrorism and taking actions that can be seen as discriminatory toward people from Muslim countries.

Islamic State partisans have already lauded the US travel ban from Muslim nations as a “blessed ban.”

One US expert said: “This was a win for jihadists and other anti-US forces.”

Russia, meanwhile, is pursuing something called a “Russo-Islamic” pact. Already Russia is a strategic ally of Iran. Russia is the patron of Syria’s government. Russia has deepened ties with Turkey over the past year.

If Russia can present itself as less of threat to the Muslim world, while the US is seen as more fundamentally hostile – Moscow can reap dividends for years. This is so much more effective than waging kinetic wars.

Strikingly, Vladimir Putin is careful with his language about Islam, so as not to incite Muslims. Putin calls Islamic State, the “so-called Islamic State” and he calls terrorism relating to the Muslim world, “international terrorism.” He is in photo ops with Muslim leaders.

While one country seeks to dial down tension with leaders and publics in the Muslim world (even as it commits acts of unspeakable brutality in Syria), Trump raises the American profile and encourages thinking that only drives a wedge between Muslims everywhere and the US.

And note, after September 11th, the US is a country that has had a comparatively small amount of radicalised violence related to Islam because many American Muslims felt close to America.

Now, Russia promotes “traditionalist” arguments for solidarity with the Muslim world, which is really just a 21st Century equivalent to the way the Soviet Union could get inside the decolonization movements of the Third World, to tilt them against Western power.

When people talk about the recklessness and danger of Trump, this would strike me as the main game.

This is the blind alley Trump, under the influence of Putin, is taking the US down.

And it’s beginning now.

Watch this space.

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One thought on “Russo-Islamic pact: Russia’s long game with Donald Trump

  1. I always found a couple of things suspicious. Firstly, Putin was the 1st national leader to call George W. Bush, after the 9/11 attacks. Secondly, it seems just too much of a coincidence that there was a Russian exercise scheduled for 9/11, which would occupy the exact same ADIZ commands which would have jurisdiction in the attack zones. We know for sure the GRU were in bed with the Mukhabarat. They were in bed with certain factions in Afghanistan. How do we know they were not in bed with Al Qaida?


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