‘In fascism there isn’t really truth…’

“In fascism there isn’t really truth, there’s isn’t really enlightenment, there aren’t really facts and evidence. In fascism, you start from will and emotion and fantasy. And myths. Your idea of greatness is primarily an aesthetic idea. It’s not built up on structural foundations you’ve investigated and verified. It’s primarily a vision of greatness which then you cast yourself after it, by way of armies or by way of rhetoric.


Fascism, the first time around, was inherently hostile to the press…What fascism said about the press was that it lied… or that the press was all owned by Jews. That’s what they said but there is something deeper going on which is that fascism can’t really tolerate a culture where people are trying to figure out what’s going on.

Fascism can’t really handle individuals who are trying to figure out for themselves on the basis of facts or with the help of other people who are trying to understand the world on the basis of facts.

— Timothy D. Snyder, US historian, on a Slate’s Trumpcast, November 22, 2016

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