Ukraine, Russia and the US

First, a tweet on Ukraine-Russia-US issues…

— Janine Zacharia (@janinezacharia) February 28, 2014

    This tweet caught my eye because it is what a lot of people are thinking regarding Russia and the US over the issue of Ukraine. While the situation has a lot of potential to get out of hand, as @ianbremmer, notes, Russia has much greater interest in the Ukraine than the US does.

    As difficult as it may seem to imagine today, the biggest challenge for the US is and will remain China. Russia, because of the historical Cold War, comes to mind as a flash point, but the global reality has changed dramatically since the 1980s. During the historical Cold War geopolitics underpinned by hard power were the main game, and they reflected in part the US response to Russia’s post-World War II strategy. Today we live in an era of geo-economics, in which hard power, supported by mechanized armies, often matters less than an economic ability to hold power and sway other countries through soft power.

    So, this tweet, by @janinezacharia .caught my eye, but because she is expressing what I think is a mistaken notion many people would have just now.

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