Typhoon Haiyan puts US credibility in South China Sea on the line

The US Marines are heading to the Philippines to help after Super Typhoon Haiyan, providing the US with an opportunity to make good on its promise that the Asian Pivot isn’t all about containing China.

The US has contended it’s about more engagement in the region. And for it’s military deployments, that means a readiness to
help in disaster relief. Hence, the quick response from the Marines after the typhoon. Add to the mix the fact that the
Philippines and the US are wrangling over who has access to the US temporary bases, the US must show the government it’s a
partner, not a colonist.

Of course, the Philippines are keen for US military presence, or hard power, to offset the growing tensions with China over the Scarlborough Shoal.

Typhoon Haiyan, US, China, Marines, South china Sea, Philippines

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