The US vs China cyberattacks – A long list of IP addresses

According to this Gizmodo article, the US government has approached US ISPs with a list of IP addresses from which Chinese cyberattacks come.

…covertly, the Department of Homeland Security approached the nation’s major internet service providers with a long list of IP addresses that it believed were connected to the Chinese hackers, and encouraged the service providers to block access to as many as possible. This was no simple request, since some of the IP addresses are tied to Chinese business interests. Interfering with commerce would take this cybersecurity fight to the next level.

The article doesn’t make clear whether US ISPs cooperated. This tactic, along with the naming and shaming of Unit 61398 before Christmas, are the two strategies that the public knows about. The US is developing offensive weapons to use against  cyber aggressors but, as it states:

It appears that the government has stopped short of going all Stuxnet on China.

Although, the fact that these cyberweapons are publicized suggests the US wants the world, and by the world, you can include China, to know about them. So maybe their role is more of a threat.

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