US Senator Marco Rubio: American, Chinese dreams “ultimately incompatible”

That is the gist of a piece the famously thirsty, up-and-coming Republican senator wrote for Foreign Policy.

This could just be messaging and positioning by a US politician, essentially saying big thing about a big subject:

Although Xi’s dream has echoes of the American Dream, these two visions are very different and ultimately incompatible if China desires to become a “responsible stakeholder” in the international system. Which dream succeeds in the coming decades will have profound implications, not just for the United States and China, but for the world.

In any case it’s telling that Rubio feels the need to articulate this. More importantly, it will be interesting to see if this critique of China begins to occupy a place in the Republican Party’s platform and rhetoric, which, let’s face it, has been in need of a new rallying cry or two.

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