Get this one right, America

The Obama Administration plans to veto the House cybersecurity bill over concerns it doesn’t do enough to protect US citizen’s privacy.

While the current bill has provisions the require…

the government to minimize collection of information that could identify citizens, and clarifying that companies could use cybersecurity data only to protect their networks, not for marketing purposes.

The ACLU, privacy activists and some Democrats oppose it because…

They said the bill doesn’t require companies sharing information to remove data that could identify citizens; would let companies share data about citizens with the National Security Agency; and won’t stop companies from hacking each other.

What does this have to do with combatting foreign cyberthreats on US companies and US society? Everything. The US government needs to get the architecture of this right from day one, because it’s going to critical for US security for years to come. So while that means robust powers of data-sharing between business and government, it also means robust protections for private citizens to know their digital profiles and audit trails aren’t being data-mined by Uncle Sam. Same ideas as back in 1787, but updated for the world of big data and the internet.

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