Dear Cold War Daily readers…

by Chris Zappone

Please let me know what angles of the growing US-China Cold War you are interested in. Feel free to leave comments. If you just want to send a message, leave a comment with instructions not to publish. Sure, it’s not going to be like the Old Cold War. The global economy is integrated. That will just spur competition in new ways.

In any case, I want to know what part of the drift toward a new Cold War you are interested in. While the struggle between the US and China will be a big part of it, the tensions between China and its neighbors like Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines will be a big part as well. It is also a struggle between democracy and neo-authoritarianism, between transparency – even strategic transparency – and an opacity linked to authoritarian governments and older cultures and histories. Anyway, please let me know the areas you are most interested in. And thanks for reading.