Cyber attack in South Korea?

This comes after a lot of noise has been made by North Korea and the US regarding cyber attacks.

From AP (via NYT)

Police and South Korean officials were investigating the simultaneous shutdown Wednesday of computer networks at several major broadcasters and banks. While the cause wasn’t immediately clear, speculation centered on a possible North Korean cyberattack.

At this point, there is no reading on how big the attack in South Korea but it seems substantial.

North Korea was also fulminating at a few B-52 flights over South Korea. This will be interesting.

Obviously, cyberattacks are coming into their own as a strategic and tactical weapon. They are strategic in the way China uses them for economic espionage and tactical in this case and in the way the US has used them on the battlefield in Afghanistan and in the Middle East.

The fear of course is that what’s happening in South Korea is a prelude to analogue acts of aggression.

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