Old-fashioned Chinese trade secret theft

Here is a case where a California businessman has been charged with trying to provide DuPont’s formula for chloride-route titanium oxide to Pangang Group in China.

According to David Wise in his book Tiger Trap, China often leans of Chinese-born citizens of other countries to snoop when it needs information, putting pressure on them to help “even the playing field” between China and more developed countries.

So this case, if Liew is found guilty, would be consistent with that.

California businessman Walter Liew was charged with seven new crimes, including filing false tax returns, in a revised indictment alleging he conspired to provide DuPont Co. (DD) trade secrets to a Chinese company.

U.S. prosecutors filed the new charges today in federal court in San Francisco.
China’s Pangang Group Co., Liew and two former DuPont employees were charged last year with conspiring to steal information about chloride-route titanium oxide, a white pigment used in paint, plastics and paper.

Although often the prosecution is often difficult, in part of the same reason cyber attacks were hush-hush for so long. Organisations frequently don’t want to admit in court – on the record – that they have been compromised.

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