Yankee come home

A compelling case for the US to seriously pull back from its military commitments around the world. Or as Hoffman asks,  why is the US still fighting WWII? I note the article doesn’t mention the current China-Japan tensions.
There is of course a strong Jeffersonian case for the US withdrawing from many global conflict zones. People outside the US underestimate the strain of isolationism very much alive in the US. The more far flung the military action, the more perverse it sounds to people inside the US, who are invariably put on these missions. What matters to the people of TN or IL, what happens in the Mid East or Southeast Asia? The answer is that the US tried isolationism in the 1930s and it got them Pearl Harbor and the threat of Hitler in the North Atlantic. Still, withdrawing would actually free the US, and help it refocus on nation building at home for once.

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