So much for a unified approach to China at ASEAN summit

by Chris Zappone

Southeast Asian nations were initially unified in the push to get China to discuss territorial disputes at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit. According to this Reuters, it’s not going very well:

As Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen began to conclude the meeting, (Philippine President Benigno) Aquino abruptly raised his hand and tersely interjected. 

“There were several views expressed yesterday on ASEAN unity which we did
not realise would be translated into an ASEAN consensus,” he said, according
to his spokesman. “For the record, this was not our understanding. The ASEAN
route is not the only route for us. As a sovereign state, it is our right to defend
our national interests.”

Link here.

Which means China may have some success in dividing its neighbours nations, using the so-called salami slicing method as a way to dominate neighbors.