Meanwhile, between China and Japan….

The Chinese weren’t happy with the conclusions of the latest Japanese defense white paper, saying China’s military is “strongly discontented and resolutely against” the accusations contained in the paper.

And those accusations?

(from Reuters) The defense ministry report said: “China has attempted to change the status quo by force based on its own assertion, which is incompatible with the existing order of international law,” echoing recent comments by Abe and his cabinet.

“China should accept and stick to the international norms.”

The takeaway is, as the NYTimes writes:

Experts said the strongly worded statements on both sides may be

a precursor to worsening dynamics between the two countries as

each tries to outmaneuver the other in the region and talk each

other down in diplomatic settings.

Japanese would expel the Chinese by force: Abe

It’s always hard to tell if tensions are at a new level, or they are at the same plateau. However, today, we have a new mix of factors: the Japanese nationalist flotilla, eight Chinese government ships, the Japanese war shrine visit.

From the BBC:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, pressed in parliament to say how Japan would react to a Chinese attempt to land on the tiny islands, said it would be “natural to force them to leave”.


“Since it has become the Abe government, we have made sure that if there is an instance where there is an intrusion into our territory or it seems that there could be landing on the islands then we will deal will it strongly,” he said.