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This too is a sign of the US pivot

The Middle-East just doesn’t matter to the US like it used to.

Or as one of Obama’s guys says: “It’s not as if this is a president who has proven to be unwilling to act when he believed it was in our interest, but he’s not going to act when he doesn’t think it’s in our interest.”

G20? more like G-Zero on Syria

A piece by Ian Bremmer that makes the point that lack of action on Syria shows shifting world order.

He concludes:

This G-Zero problem will not last forever. Eventually, the political wildfires that are allowed to burn out of control will threaten enough powerful countries to force a certain level of cooperation. Unfortunately for Syrians, their suffering alone will not be enough.


Which unfortunately for the long-suffering Syrian people, means the US should not weaken itself by getting involved. The US should conserve its energy and look inward to rebuild.

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