Some real heavy irony from Li Keqiang

The Chinese premier visiting Germany says the post-war order must be firmly safeguarded. Yes, it’s all about maintaining the post-war world order these days, isn’t it?

From The People’s Daily:

The Chinese and the Germans are all peace-loving people committed to friendly relations between China and Germany and between China and Europe, said Li, adding that China stands ready to work with Germany and Europe to further maintain world peace and promote common development.

Meanwhile, as the Americans and Chinese prepare for the Obama-Xi talks in California, the tension is already in the air. AP notes:

Good will aside, distrust has deepened in relations in recent years as the U.S. feels its world leadership challenged and China, its power growing, demands greater deference to its interests and a larger say over global rule-setting. Chinese officials and state media regularly say Washington is thwarting China’s rise, strengthening alliances in Asia to hem in Beijing and discouraging Chinese investment in the U.S. on national security issues.

But here is my favorite part: 

The aggrieved sense emanating from Beijing goes beyond recent flare-ups in old territorial disputes. The website of the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, is running a recurring column that takes a critical look at Americans and their institutions. First called “Immoral, dishonest Americans,” the title of the column was changed to “The Americans you don’t know about.”


Greatness rising, or what?