This too is a sign of the US pivot

The Middle-East just doesn’t matter to the US like it used to.

Or as one of Obama’s guys says: “It’s not as if this is a president who has proven to be unwilling to act when he believed it was in our interest, but he’s not going to act when he doesn’t think it’s in our interest.”

US Air Force looking south and east in Asia

A Foreign Policy article mentions the US Air Force bringing back a strategy called Checkered Flag, in which domestic based US units are moved overseas on a regular rotation to build up familiarity in foreign regions.

One thing that strikes me about future US military deployments is the emphasis on southeast Asia.

Right now, the U.S. Air Force has nine main major bases scattered throughout the Pacific, from Alaska and Hawaii to Guam, Japan, and Korea…

USAF General Carlisle said: “In a lot of ways we’ll move increasingly south and east with our rotational presence,” said Carlisle. “The most capable platforms will be rotated into the Pacific.”


This blog post by Washington Post’s Max Fisher also points to Southeast Asia as an area to watch.