Australian space reporting

Some of my space reporting over the years.

Space lasers and the new battlefield emerging under China’s anti-satellite tactics

Orbiting success: Australia races to join new space economy

‘Energy for democracy’: A plan for out-of-this-world solar power

‘Space warriors’: Sydney firm helps US prepare for orbital battle

From explorers to prospectors: Australia’s role in the new space boom

Australia leans into space race for solar power with China

Dazzling, jamming and the international race to stake out space

Zombie satellite: Spacecom’s Amos-5 goes dead, declared a permanent loss

Luch/Olymp rogue Russian satellite symbolises new worries about space peace

US, China space rivalry grows as race for orbital commerce takes off

Asian powers open new chapter in space race

Rivalries, sensitivities form prism for MH370 search

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