About Cold War Daily

Historians agree that the Cold War ended in the early 1990s. There is less agreement on what kind of period we are slipping into now, 25 years later. But I note with a smile the tendency of Chinese, American and Russian leaders, in a pinch, to accuse each other of harboring a “Cold War mentality.” The term inspired the name for this blog.

I work as a foreign news editor at Fairfax Media in Australia, publisher of the The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

All opinions and analysis contained in this blog are my own and are not those of Fairfax.

Favorite topics include technology, space, cyber, internet, culture, ideology, propaganda, strategic messaging, politics, art, terror, and utopia.



The Cold War Daily twitter handle is also reference to a”Cold War mentality.”

chris dot zappone at gmail.com.

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